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I thought you might be interested in this 7 year long conversation … Essentially the discussion is regarding our levels of consumption and creation when it comes to our use of technology.

2007 – Has one of my favourite diagrams – The Myth of NonParticipation
People often try and catagorize digital participation as either consumption of content or creation of digital content.  The reality is a continuum between the two.

myth_participation“You can participate in this particular discussion by being The Critic (comment), The Sharer (forward it to your peers), The Editor (copy paste bits, nick the diagram, write a nice soundtrack to it and re-present it to the world) or become The Creator (by writing an original piece on this topic, vs a fashionable one).”
2011 – Interesting challenge:

“Think about the generation or two before us. A significant portion of free time was spent consuming media. From print to broadcast, everyday people simply digested information and content presented to them. But then, everything changed. We were gifted with the ability to share what we think, feel, and experience, on demand. The democratization of information was finally upon us and we the people would ensure that our voices would be heard and felt. This was our time, quite literally as Time Magazine named “us” as the person of the year.  … You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world…

“I challenge you to create at least equal to you what you consume…or at least more than you do today.”

create_consume cycle
2013 – Interesting connection of teaching to learning:

“A lot of people that I know spend approximately 95% of their time and energy as consumers, 5% of their time as creators of their original genius work and 0% time in the role of engaging others or launching their work. And this also includes people who go from seminar to seminar and book to book and from content to content in the search of the perfect system. They are addicted to learning more and knowing and consuming more.

There is nothing inherently wrong with consuming content. But if it interferes with creating new material and launching it, then you are being predominantly a consumer and not a creator of your genius work.”

“Until you get out there and teach it to others or apply your knowledge, you only have intellectual understanding of a topic. Deep experiential understanding and making connections and synthesizing genius is usually only possible through action, application, realignment, teaching and communication with others. “


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    • introste Reply

      Great question. By creating original content, it doesn’t mean you have to start from nothing. Rather, it is starting from the common starting point for that tool. For examples: Word starts with a blank page, Photoshop a blank page, Sculptris a sphere of “clay”.

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