Logic Gate – Games

Most of these games are to hard for me.  But there is always a couple students who can crack some of these games …. so I share them with you … Feel free to share links to any other logic gate games you find online.

Gate: the Game


Download and unzip the game.  Then try playing it.
Once I figured out that the sensors are activated when that side of the sphere is against something I was able to have some success.  Whichever sensor is activated, I connect it to the desired thruster.

Khan Logic Gate Puzzler


You are trying to build a circuit that will result in the truth table in the top right corner.
-Drag and drop the gates down from the top left.
-Connect “wires” from the input to the gates and then to the output
Note: Squares are inputs and Circles are outputs.   Too hard for me though.



I don’t really get this game, but it was recommended on some reddit forums … whatever that is worth.  It seems like a popular game, so one of your bright minds is sure to crack it.


Logic Lab


Okay, this isn’t a game but a simulator.  Could be fun nonetheless?