js – a dark room

I was reading the blog for adarkroom when the game was in development and I came across an entry where the developer stated that they released the game on github as open source! 

I have repackaged the source code as a zip file and made it available here: adarkroom-master
Download this file to your desktop and then unzip it (right click and “extract all”).

The game is written in HTML and JavaScript.

After downloading and unzipping the master folder:

  1. go inside the folder and double click the “index.html” file and play the game for 15 minutes
  2. then open the “script” folder and then open the “room.js” file with a program like textedit, notepad, or notepad++  (also edit the “outside.js” file too if you want)
  3. slowly read through the code and look for things that you could change.  For example you could change the amount of time it takes for the fire to cool down between stokes OR the cost for various craftables OR the amount of wood you collect in the woods.
  4. Save your changes and then run the index.html file (or refresh your browser that is playing the game) and see your changes in action.



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