VBS_4 – Operations

Like most (all?) programming languages, VBScript lets you perform calculations with numerical variables (Integers and Singles)  You can perform the normal arithmetic operations on numerical variables:

  • Addition using +
  • Subtraction using  –
  • Multiplication using  *  (shift 8)
  • Division using   /

We can perform these calculations on variables that are for numbers.

sumInteger = num1Integer + num2Integer

The script will take the current values for num1 and num2, and then add them together and store the result in a variable called sumInteger.

Example Code:

DIM num1Integer, num2Integer, differenceInteger

num1Integer = inputbox(“Enter an integer.”)
num2Integer = inputbox(“Enter a 2nd integer.”)

differenceInteger = num1Integer – num2Integer

msgbox “The difference between the two numbers is: ” & differenceInteger



After working through the above example…

Use Notepad++ or some such program and create a script that:

  • Declares variables to hold two numbers and their product.
  • Get the two numbers from the user, using input boxes.
  • Calculate the product by multiplying the two numbers together and storing the answer in the productInteger variable.
  • Display the value of the productInteger variable in a message box with a message.

Save your script file and run it to test it.  Then hand in your code as a .txt file.


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