Using the Cloud

A very popular cloud storage company is dropbox.  If you use this link: You can create a free dropbox account with any email address, and using the above link and we each get extra storage space.  When people talk about “the cloud”.  They are really just referring to the internet and the ability to

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Blockly Programming

There are many ways to program and many programming languages.  For introduction, try these fun “blockly” or visual programming ways: The Maze – Flappy Birds – Turtle Graphics – Most of these visual programming sites focus on teaching either Java, Java-Script, or Python programming languages.  For fun you can check out this website and work

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Consumer to Creator

I thought you might be interested in this 7 year long conversation … Essentially the discussion is regarding our levels of consumption and creation when it comes to our use of technology. 2007 – Has one of my favourite diagrams – The Myth of NonParticipation People often try and catagorize digital participation as either consumption

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Scripts Scripts are segments of code that are interpreted used to control programs (like web browsers, and OS features).  A scripting language is a “lightweight” programming language that can be embedded into a program or use an operating system host compiler to execute them.  A full programming language needs to be compiled into a stand

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Graphic Design

An actual list of elements and principles of design will vary from resource to resource.  This is not an exhaustive list, however I have attempted to combine and summarize the typical ones here.  In the subsequent pages the goal is to you activities where you get to create something that illustrates each of these concepts. 

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